How to prevent your sink from blocking

Blockages in sinks can be a nuisance. What might have started as a small issue whereby your water takes longer to drain down the sink, could develop into a major problem causing a host of issues including; foul-smelling water, leakages and damages to electrical fittings.
Not only can a clogged drain cause problems for washing your pots and pans, but it can also often lead to flooding and, in some cases, a back up of sewage which could lead to costly repairs. Whether it’s a bathroom or kitchen sink, taking precautions early to prevent your sink from blocking is essential in avoiding drain blocking issues further down the line. Read on for our top tips on how to prevent a sink blockage.

Invest in hair guards

Hair is one of the most common causes of blocked sinks. If you’re someone who brushes or cuts their hair over the sink, it can be easy to forget that the hair you drop can block your sink. Hair doesn’t just fall down the pipes gracefully, it can mesh with grease and dirt particles to form a substance which blocks your sink.
The best solution for this is to protect your plug holes by using plug hair guards. This way, any hair can be collected before it reaches the pipes and prevents nasty unclogging or costly damages from blockages.

Avoid throwing food scraps down your sink

Kitchen sinks are particularly prone to food waste build-ups. Food should never go down the drain as large items of waste can build up and not only cause sink blockages but some foul smells, too. Be mindful of what goes down your kitchen sink, and be sure to throw all food scraps into a compost bin before washing your dishes, pots and pans.

Dispose of cooking oils correctly

Throwing cooking fat and grease down your kitchen sink might seem like a good way of disposing of such substances, but the truth is that they can cause many issues to your sink and pipes. What many people don’t think about is that liquid grease hardens once it cools and soon becomes a hard lump of fat (also known as a ‘fatberg’), which over time, blocks your drains. A good way to prevent this is to dispose of such substances correctly, letting the substances harden before throwing them away.

Avoid throwing ground coffee down the sink

Although instant coffee doesn’t cause problems to your drainage, ground coffee is a different story. Over time, large ground coffee particles can build up in the pipes causing blockages. A good way of avoiding this is to dispose of ground coffee in a food bin using a spoon, rather than rinsing the whole thing off in the sink.

Are you experiencing a blocked sink or drain pipes which might be caused by some of the above issues? Get in contact with Your Plumbing Network today. We offer emergency plumbing services so that if you suspect your shower, sink or bath is causing smells, flooding or has burst a pipe due to blockages, you can get the problem sorted quickly. Call us now to arrange a visit.