Buying your first property is an extremely exciting venture and although it’s bound to be stressful, there’s no better feeling than enjoying a well-earned cup of tea in your brand new home after a gruelling day of moving.

Whilst moving from A to B is indeed the hard part, it’s only half the battle. There are numerous tasks that will need to be tackled once you’re at your new property and it’s not uncommon to get overwhelmed. So, to help you settle in with ease, we’ve made a checklist of the top five things to attend to once you’ve arrived at your new abode.


First things first, it’s important to check that the gas, electricity and water are all working as these are essentials. You’ll also need to put everything in your name and this should be done sooner rather than later to avoid any confusion. Lastly, get in touch with a broadband provider to ensure you have access to your favourite films and TV shows on demand at your new home.


When you first move in, it’s likely your home will be littered with boxes and unpacking could take several weeks, or even months! However, unpacking the essentials is the best way to navigate yourself through your first few weeks in your new property. From pots and pans to toiletries and a few outfits for work, unpacking a selection of important items is the key to a smooth and stress-free move.


Whilst there are many positive aspects of moving into a new property, it’s bound to take a while for your house to feel like a home. Feeling uneasy in unfamiliar surroundings is extremely common, however, a home security system could do wonders for your peace of mind. So, to give your property the protection that it needs, contact a specialist security company and get a system that suits both you and your household.


Again, if you’re feeling slightly overwhelmed by your new surroundings, getting to know the neighbours is a great way to make yourself feel more at home. Perhaps you could invite them over for a drink once you’ve got some boxes cleared away, or even simply introducing yourself is bound to make you feel more settled in your new neighbourhood.


Installing appliances such as fridges and dishwashers in a brand new property can be stressful to say the least, so why not leave it to the professionals? At Your Local Plumbing Network, we can install and repair a wide range of household appliances, allowing you to sit back and enjoy your new home. To speak to a member of our team in Bolton, contact us today and we’ll do everything we can to make your move that little bit easier.