As the hub of any house or flat, the boiler is one appliance that needs to be in good working order at all times. As a landlord, your responsibility is to provide a warm and safe home for your tenants. But how can you do this?

For top tips on boiler maintenance, this blog will provide all the information you need.

What does the law say?

According to Tenant Act 1985, landlords are responsible for repairs including heating, gas appliances, pipes and sanitary fittings, however, tenants are responsible for any damages they cause to any of these areas. Landlords are also responsible for servicing gas appliances such as boilers as well as organising an annual gas safety check conducted by a registered engineer.

Gas Safety check

Landlords are responsible for keeping the boilers in their properties safe for tenants and providing evidence of this in the form of a Landlord Gas Safety Certificate. A gas safety check is not an alternative to a boiler service, they are designed to check the following:

  • Gas is burning correctly with an adequate air supply

  • Flues and chimneys are clear and able to emit gases safely outside

  • The appliance is operating at the right pressure level

Boiler service

Servicing your boiler is an important step in keeping it safe for your tenants. An engineer will look at several aspects of the boiler to determine its condition, and identify possible safety issues including carbon monoxide leaks which are extremely dangerous for those who become exposed.

The engineer may carry out the following:

Visual checks

The engineer may start by looking for any obvious signs of damage such as corrosion and leaks – this will help them check that your boiler meets current standards and safety requirements.

Internal inspection

They will also assess the condition of the internal components to make sure everything is working correctly, such as the burner, heat exchanger and spark probe.


The boiler’s pressure will also be looked at, as this can have a big effect on how the boiler runs and how appliances work.

How to maintain your boiler

As long as you keep up with regular safety checks and repairs as and when they need doing, your boiler should remain in good working condition.

Keep it serviced

As well as adhering to law regulations, keeping your boilers serviced is key to making sure bigger problems don’t arise and your tenants are safe.

Inform your tenants

A simple way of keeping the boiler in good nick is to provide your tenants with the manufacturers manual. Informing them about key aspects of the appliance will prevent them from causing any damage and spot any signs that it’s not performing as it should.

Invest well

Although it can be tempting to purchase a cheap boiler, this is unlikely to serve you well in the long run. As a landlord, you should see every boiler as a long-term investment that will reduce the number of repairs you’re required to fix and create a comfortable environment for your tenants.

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