A clogged toilet is a real nuisance and a messy problem to solve. However, a blockage of some kind is something all homeowners will experience at some point, but there are a few simple things you can do to prevent them or minimise the problem.

To keep your toilet working as it should, carry on reading to learn about the three main reasons why you may experience a blockage and how you can solve it.

Foreign objects

One of the most common reasons for a blockage in your drain or toilet, is down to incorrect disposal of household items. Your toilet is designed to only dispose of certain types of waste, toilet paper for example is made of easily dissolvable materials meaning it rarely causes any issues. However, makeup wipes, nappies, sanitary products and even cotton wool are often found in the toilet and this can cause real issues. These type of materials will eventually clog up your toilet, making it impossible for water to pass through and flush away waste.


Keeping your toilet clean will do more than just ensure it’s hygienic, regular cleaning will prevent limescale build up which can cause a gradual blockage in the toilet bowl. In hard water areas especially, the minerals contained in this type of water can stick to the inside of the pipes and bowl, and over time this will attract dirt and bacteria which will begin to build up layer by layer. Not only is this unsightly, but these layers will cause the pipes to become narrow and therefore more prone to blockages. An easy solution is to use anti-limescale products to keep your toilet looking and functioning at its best.

Not enough water

If your toilet is filling up fully, then it may not be receiving the right amount of water it needs to flush properly. This is usually down to a problem in your water supply line, and can be easily resolved by having a professional plumber assess the problem and check if your rubber float in your tank is set too low.

If you’re experiencing a blocked toilet and require professional help, Your Local Plumbing Network have an expert team on hand to fix your problem big or small. Our wide range of drainage services make us the go-to company for 24-hour repairs in the North West. For more information contact us today and return functionality to your home.