Five Plumbing Problems In The Home You Shouldn’t Try And Fix Yourself

A well maintained and serviced plumbing system is crucial to the comfort of anyone’s home – where would we be without a morning shower or a washing machine? Nonetheless, there are a lot of things that can go wrong and it can turn out quite pricey to fix it. When your kitchen floor looks like Jumbles Reservoir it can certainly be tempting to try and fix it yourself!

This is almost always a bad idea, however, so here is our list of the top five plumbing problems in the home that you shouldn’t try and fix yourself:

Repairing Or Replacing A Radiator

To remove and replace a faulty radiator you must know quite a bit about the quality and type of masonry so that you can install the correct one. You also need to know about draining, refilling and plasterboard. One mistake and you’ll damage your home – get a professional in!

Servicing A Boiler

Servicing a boiler is a full-time job for many plumbers that requires a high standard of experience and skill – don’t be arrogant and assume you can work it out! There are many things that can go wrong when checking for corrosion, pressure and gas leaks, so don’t!

Repairing A Burst Pipe

Corrosion, freezing over winter and boiling water are just some of the dangers present in repairing a burst pipe. The worst one, however, is a faulty DIY job. Don’t mess around – call a plumber.

Fitting A Toilet Or A Sink

Though this may look like a simple DIY job, you might be surprised. If you are not very careful and exact when fitting the piping together you could soon get water everywhere…or worse.

Safety Checks

It should really go without saying that you shouldn’t perform safety checks yourself, whatever the situation. Don’t risk yours and your family’s health for the sake of a few pounds.

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